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Kitchen and Bath Designs is one of the few design companies in Colorado that has an in-house stone countertop fabrication facility.  Ninety nine percent of the countertops that we fabricate out of any material are custom made for your specific job.  All countertop prices are dictated by two factors, fabrication cost and material cost.  Countertop edge details, sink type, backsplash height, etc. can add or diminish fabrication costs drastically.  For material, laminate remains the least expensive option, and then come the commonly available granites.  The remainder of materials varies in price too much to warrant a full discussion here.  If you are interested in learning more about countertops please visit a Kitchen and Bath Designs showroom or explore our countertop FAQs page.


By offering durability, color variety, and easy installation all at a great price it is no wonder that laminate is our most popular selling countertop. Laminate is comprised of several layers of resin infused paper which is then rolled through high pressure and heat to form durable sheets. Laminate comes in a multitude of colors and patterns and is sold to countertop fabrication shops by the sheet. These sheets are then bonded to a shaped core, usually of particle board, forming your countertop. The laminate industry is dominated by Formica and Wilsonart, Kitchen & Bath Designs carries both brands.

Natural Stone

Granite, marble, limestone, soapstone, slate and sandstone are the most commonly available stone countertop materials. Natural stone is quarried from the ground throughout the world. The quarried stone is cut and polished and then referred to as slabs. Slab sizes vary greatly depending on the material but rarely exceed ten feet in length. The most common slab thicknesses are either 3cm or 2cm. Pricing for natural stone countertops can vary widely depending on many factors, please explore our countertop FAQs for a full discussion on pricing and performance. To view currently available slabs please visit our frequent suppliers: Granite Imports, Daltile Stone, Capco Granite Slabs, or The Stone Collection.  We also always have a variety of remnants available at reduced costs, please visit our stone fabrication shop in Ouray to view our current stock.

Quartz (Engineered stone)

Commonly called quartz countertops, they are comprised mostly of crushed quartz and the remainder is a polyester binder resin and coloring. Quartz countertops have gained rapid popularity in the last decade due to its major benefits of being non-porous and heat resistant. We carry CaesarStone, Pental Quartz, Daltile One Quartz, Hanstone, Zodiac and Silestone.

Solid Surface

Corian, LG Hi-Macs and Samsung Staron remain the most common manufacturers of solid surface countertops, we fabricate all of these excellent products. Solid surface is an industry term defining countertop materials made from acrylic plastic resins.  Having recently lost some popularity to the quartz products, they have the benefits of being non-porous, non-staining, seamless, easy to repair and warm to the touch. Acrylic Solid Surface are more sensitive to hot objects.


Concrete as a countertop material has gained traction in the last several years and especially with do-it-yourselfers. Up until this year, Kitchen and Bath Designs currently does not sell them do to durability concerns and a lack of qualified craftsmen. Concrete remains an extremely porous material, in its true form it is very heavy. It may require additional reinforcement and support over traditional common cabinetry. It is cold to the touch and cracks easily, just look at any sidewalk to see examples of this. There are concrete specialist and proprietary concrete blends that are much more durable and lighter than what is commonly used. Unfortunately high quality materials and fabrication techniques are expensive. Concrete countertops are usually more expensive than all the other countertop options (with the exception of perhaps rare granite slabs or custom cast glass). Be extremely cautious of cheap concrete countertops. If you really, really want them we can probably find someone to get it done right for you.

Solid Wood

Commonly referred to as butcher block countertops, wood is rarely used in bathrooms but it is a great addition to most kitchens by adding a functional working surface. There are countless options available from wood species to grain orientation and various food safe finishes. Maple is the most popular selection. Unfortunately, wood does not stand up well to moisture so we generally advise not to place sinks in solid wood countertops. However, we have recently added Grothouse Lumber as a butcher block countertop supplier and they will guarantee their waterproof coating for life. However, they are not inexpensive. Our other butcher block tops are locally made in Montrose Colorado by professional custom cabinet makers.

Other Countertop Options

Stainless Steel - Colorado Custom Stainless, recycled paper, tile, slab or sheet tile - Neolith, glass - Think Glass and Terrazzo - as Vetrazzo are available through Kitchen and Bath Designs.