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Design Services

We pride ourselves on being a place where you, your personality, your tastes and your needs really make a difference, but we also pride ourselves on the fact that regardless of the budget or the size of the project or tastes of the client, "The Design", "Your Design", really matters. We love working on large elaborate high end projects, they are exciting and fun because we get to use materials or construction methods most can't afford and they usually have more square footage to work with and they usually add all the fun accessories. But these "dream jobs" aren't always abundant in our area depending on the economy at the time and our "bread and butter" that keep us going are the small jobs for average or tight spaces and everyday people that are generally operating on a tight budget regardless of the size of the space. Regardless of the size or budget... we want every design to be professional, thoughtful and ideal for the customer's needs, because Your Design really matters and makes a big difference in how the end result of your kitchen and bathroom reflect your personality and how much you will enjoy and love it. One might dismiss design in a simple or small project, but even a color that is slightly off and clashes or a part that doesn't quite fit, can turn even a small project into a large nightmare. That is what we are here for, you can rest easy with sweet dreams of your new Kitchen or Bathroom when you let us design, plan, schedule, orchestrate, and coordinate your project for you. You won't find this kind of care, attention to detail and design, or results from any big box supplier. We stand behind our products and our workmanship and we will address any problems that might arise quickly and painlessly.


New Construction

Whether you are a builder or the home owner running your own project, getting all the surfaces, colors and pieces coordinated in a kitchen or bathroom remodel can be incredibly time consuming and taxing on your nerves and time... During construction of home or commercial projects a LARGE amount of "decision making time" is spent on selecting cabinet, countertop, floor, shower surfaces,... sinks, faucets, appliances, fixtures, lighting, wood species, finishes, locations, sizes, layout, construction drawing, etc. It is a very time consuming and potentially disaster prone process, where you spend the time, build what they pick and then they don't like it and blame you. Whether you are an architect, designer, contractor, or husband and wife or roommates, we can help take the headache out of Kitchen and Bath construction. Let us guide you or your client through the material selection process and save yourself the time and headaches, plus end up with a top notch truly "professionally designed" and well thought out Kitchen or Bathroom. Often we can do this for less money and time than you can yourself, because it is our specialty and all we focus on. We build and maintain our buying relationships to offer a very diverse selection of quality affordable materials and products and we establish and foster contractor relationships so we hire people we know and trust that are reasonable and fair.

Bathroom Remodels

Have a tight bathroom that is wasting space? Need more storage? Does your bathroom look like it is from the 50s? We can help. Obviously we supply cabinets and countertops. But we also supply plumbing fixtures (with plumbers if needed), tile (with tile setters if needed), glass mirror and doors (with installers if needed), wall infrared heaters, ceiling fans, bathroom lights (with electricians if needed) etc. Big or little, simple or elaborate, we can do as much or as little of it as you need and we can get almost anything you need.

Kitchen Remodels

Is your kitchen dark, drab and dirty or just tired and worn out? We can help! We can do as much or as little as you like. We offer full general contracting over site with a turnkey project from demolition to finished product with minimal coordination or construction headaches... We also can just work with your designer or your builder and we will deliver or supply whatever Kitchen remodeling materials you need (cabinets, countertops, tile, wood or other flooring, lighting, plumbing fixtures...) to the job site and you can take care of the rest.

Cabinet New Installation or Replacement

Builder Grade to High End, Factory Manufactured Standard Sized Boxes or Custom Factory Boxes, or Full Custom Local Made, your choice. You can install it or we can do it for you. There are hundreds of door styles and thousands of wood, stain, glaze and finish options to choose from. Generally we can work with any reasonable budget, but at lower price points you will trade off selection of styles and colors and in some cases quality aspects of the box itself, or in other cases features like "full extension" drawer glides, "self closing" drawers and "soft close" doors which are standard on most of the cabinets we sell. If you buy a basic builder box and add in these features the box will generally be more expensive than the same box from a mid range value oriented line where these features are standard. Our designers are trained to know and quickly find the cabinets that work for you, your budget and your space.

Flooring New Installation or Replacement

Solid Hardwood, Laminate Wood Flooring, Bamboo Flooring, Tile Flooring, Tile that looks like wood, Sheet Tile Flooring, Sheet Marble, Granite, Quartz or Glass Flooring. If it exists... we probably have a source and can get it professionally installed for you.

Countertop New Installation or Replacement

Laminate (Wilsonart or Formica), Stone Slabs (Granite, Sandstone, Limestone, Quartz (OneQuartz, Pental Quartz, Caesarstone, Hanstone, Cambria, Silestone), Butcher Block (Groathouse or Local Custom Made), Slab Porcelain Tile (Neolith), Glass or Stainless. If you have seen it, we probably have or can establish a source and get it professionally installed for you.

Backsplash New Installation or Replacement

Tile of a nearly infinite variety, with lots of size and pattern option, sheet Stainless Steel, Marble, Granite, Quartz, Tile, Solid Surface, Glass or Mirror. Flooring. If it exists... we probably have a source and can get it professionally installed for you.

LED Lighting

From Warm to Cool or a nearly infinite range of Colors, we can light it up for you. From task to accent lighting, there is a light and usually an LED light that will accomplish your goals and meet your needs and application in the kitchen or bathroom. We have about 10 sources for LED lighting, controllers, drivers, track, remotes and other accessories at our disposal. These puck and strip lights are commonly used under cabinet or behind crown molding above cabinets or below the toe kick of the cabinet to provide task or accent lighting, but there are also "new" options out there like LED Panel lights. LED advantages are huge. Cost less to operate and have a longer life than other methods of lighting (incandescent or fluorescent). They contain no toxic mercury like fluorescent bulbs. They are generally dimmable if installed with proper driver and controller and they can come in nearly any warmth or color of white light from warm, neutral, to cool or daylight and they even have adjustable white temperature tape, that allows the user to switch temperatures. There are tracks that can be used to make custom length fixtures for under cabinet, or can be used full length above or below to create a long channel of light. These tracks come in various sizes and generally come with a lens to protect the LED from dirt or damage. The aluminum tracks also serve as a heat sink and help to extend the life of the LED light strips. Good lighting can take a "great kitchen" and make it a "WOW this is a GREAT KITCHEN" and it is a relatively inexpensive improvement. We can provide lighting to you or your installer or we can install it for you.

Outdoor Kitchens

We can provide outdoor countertops and table surfaces using Stone Slabs (Granite, Sandstone, Limestone), Quartz (OneQuartz, Pental Quartz, Caesarstone, Hanstone, Silestone), Slab Porcelain Tile (Neolith), Glass or Stainless. We also provide Danver and a few other stainless cabinet lines that fulfill weather durability requirements of an outdoor kitchen. If you have seen it, we probably have or can establish a source and get it professionally installed for you. So if you are interested in adding an outdoor kitchen, just give us a call. Need custom stair treads, a path paved with unique stone pavers, stone bench seats? We can fabricate them to tie it all together...

Commercial Kitchens and Bathrooms

 We are not as versed in commercial plumbing and electrical codes, but we can work with your architect to select products that match their requirements and your budget. We can provide a wide array of commercial cabinetry made from a variety of woods or stainless steel. We can also provide commercial grade tile for floors, walls and other surfaces indoor or outdoor. As just one example, we sell Neolith porcelain tile sheets that can be fabricated to work as cladding on walls or wainscoting (indoor or outdoor), will also work as flooring, or countertop surfaces, bathroom/shower surrounds. Much like granite/marble, but much more durable, lighter and easier to work with for flooring or wall cladding applications, comes in varying thicknesses. We commonly will make countertops, bar tops, fireplace surrounds, desks and table surfaces using Stone Slabs (Granite, Sandstone, Limestone), Quartz (OneQuartz, Pental Quartz, Caesarstone, Hanstone, Silestone), Slab Porcelain Tile (Neolith), Glass or Stainless, Solid Surface or Laminate. We also provide Danver and a few other stainless cabinet lines that fulfill commercial kitchen durability requirements.

Design Retainer

We require a design retainer to begin design services. The initial meeting and consultation in our showroom is free, but to continue on to the site visit and actual design (layout, material pre-selection, presentation, selection, revisions, etc. ) The rate will vary based on the initial consultation and how much actual design time and how many trips to the property will be required to coordinate the entire design service. Generally our design retainers range from $250 to $1,500, but it can actually vary from $0 to $10,000 based on job size and if there really is much design needed. If required of you, these are non-refundable and are retainers so they may not fulfill your entire design bill. Our design rates are $175/Hr and our retainer is generally estimated to cover, the initial job site consultation, the initial project design and narrowed choice of materials and color combinations and one or two modifications to the design. If the design process, becomes prolonged we will notify you of additional retainer amounts required. When completed we will release design drawings with selected materials specifications to you or your builder. If you purchase the materials through us we will credit back 50% of your design retainer toward your purchase price.

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